Places to Meditate

I encourage my students to meditate whenever and wherever they can. The traditional times (dawn and dusk) and places just don't work for those of us with kids, jobs and appointments at all hours. For meditation to be useful, we need to be  creative and adaptable. We...

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Meditating without Guidance

Most people find that they can relax both body and mind quite quickly (and effectively) when guided by a teacher. Replicating that quality of relaxation outside a group or classroom situation, however,  is not always so easy. If you are new to meditation, you might...

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Course Outline

What to expect on course The course is a mixture of theory, practice and discussion. We start out with relatively short exercises (what we call ‘spot meditations’), and introduce longer meditations as we progress through the course. In the opening weeks emphasis is...

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Week 2: How Meditation Works

In Week 1 we developed a clear idea of what meditation is and explored a few simple techniques for relaxing the body and calming the mind. In this lesson we'll look at how meditation actually works. The principles behind meditation are not complicated, but...

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Week 3: How to Meditate

In week one we answered the question "What is meditation?" In week two we addressed the question "How does meditation work?" This week we'll explore the question "How do you actually meditate?" Essentially, meditation is a three step process. Focus Lose Focus (or get...

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Week 4: The Physiology of Relaxation

You're half way through the course. You now know what meditation is, how it works and how to do it. We've covered all the essential principles, and they can be summed up in just a few phrases. In Lesson One we learnt that meditation can be thought of as: relaxing the...

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