Mindfulness 101

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Mindfulness 101 explores mindfulness from its origins in Buddhism through to it’s contemporary usage in psychology. In his usual lucid and no-nonsense style, Eric Harrison describes how to best use and practice the techniques of mindfulness.



This book defines mindfulness and meditation (no, they are not the same) and explains how to practise them. It looks at our vernacular usage of the word ‘mindful’; the greatly expanded psychological usage; and the original Buddhist meaning. Each of these has its own special limitations and strengths.

This book argues that the Buddha’s DIY text, The Foundations of Mindfulness, is still the most systematic and lucid explanation of mindfulness available to us. Furthermore, its highly practical techniques can be easily extracted from their monastic context, and adapted to our very different purposes. This book includes a translation of this little known text.

1 review for Mindfulness 101

  1. Vicky Frank

    A great simple, clear and practical book!

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