Pay just $79.20 (Save 20%) off the regular price of our forthcoming How To Meditate Workshop.

The workshop will be the first we’ve conducted in Geelong and is scheduled for Saturday, June 24, from 9:30 am — 12:30 pm.

The How to Meditate Workshop is a condensed form of our Meditation & Mindfulness for Beginners Course. It’s designed as an introduction to meditation and will help you get started with a range of simple, practical techniques.

Workshops are particularly suitable if you can’t come to regular classes, if the next term is too far away, or if you just want to get a taste of what meditation is before committing to a full course.

You’ll walk away from this workshop knowing:

* How to de-stress anywhere and anytime in under a minute
* How to deal with anxious thoughts and feelings
* How to use meditation to relax and fall asleep

* What meditation is and how it works
* The 5 biggest difficulties and how to overcome them
* The 3 attitudes you need for meditation to work

We hope you’ll enjoy our no-nonsense, down-to-earth approach.

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