What We Do

The Melbourne Meditation Centre runs regular meditation courses and workshops in several convenient locations around Melbourne and online.

Our focus is on teaching meditation and mindfulness as simple, practical skills. Rather than concentrating on one technique or approach, we’ll teach you the key principles which apply to all meditations. This allows you to integrate meditation naturally into your daily life – wherever and whenever you are – so that you can use it when you most need it.

On our courses you’ll develop an understanding of how and why meditation works and the ability to adapt it to your own lifestyle, temperament and learning style. You’ll be presented with a range of techniques, including many that don’t require you to sit and others that only take a minute or two to do. Meditation practiced this way is surprisingly easy and enjoyable.

On  Course — Meditation Made Easy

Maybe you think you can’t meditate. Maybe you’ve tried it before without success. Maybe a friend, doctor or psychologist recommended that you try it out. Perhaps you know a meditator who seems to manage stress with unusual ease. Or maybe you’re just curious. Whatever the case, our meditation workshops and courses are designed to get you started quickly and effectively. On courses, you’ll learn:

how to relax your body

how to de-stress

how to manage pain

meditations you can do anywhere

a range of techniques

how meditation works

how to calm your mind

how to reduce anxiety

how to manage emotions

meditations you can do anytime

'spot' meditations

how to find your own style

Just wanted to say thanks a million for running the basic meditation course over the past six weeks.  I appreciate how you taught us so many effectively simple strategies for bringing meditation into our daily lives.  It is also great to have access to the on-line class resources and notes which will keep us in the loop and help with maintaining our practice.  No doubt a course like this can be life-changing if we apply what we have learned into our everyday moments. Thanks for everything!
Lea M.