Learn to Meditate.

Get all the insights from our popular Meditation & Mindfulness for Beginners Course via our self-paced online training.

Discover simple, effective ways to naturally break free from stress, find calm and improve the quality of your life — even if you’re short on time.

Meditating outdoors at the Casa Pallotti Retreat, held each March and November.

Meditation made easy

If you don’t think you can meditate, or have tried before and struggled or failed, that’s no problem. This course will help.

Includes ‘spot’ meditations.

Don’t have 20 minutes to spare? No problem. We’ll show you how to meditate in 20 seconds flat, anywhere and anytime.

A unique approach

Meditation shouldn’t be a chore, or a bore. That’s why we make meditation fun. We think you’ll find it refreshing. And realistic.

Do you struggle to relax and unwind?

Would you like to STOP letting stress, sleepless nights or physical and emotional pain from holding you back?

You know that meditation is good for you. You’ve seen the research and understand the benefits, but:

  • you don’t know where to start
  • you dont’ have the time (or discipline)
  • you can’t sit cross-legged
  • you get restless, agitated or scared when you close your eyes or have to sit still
  • you can’t switch off your mind
  • you’ve tried it before and found it boring (or fell asleep, or didn’t ‘get’ it, or couldn’t work out what you were meant to be doing, or just found that nothing much happened)
  • you already meditate but wish you could go deeper

We get it…

That’s why we created this self-paced online course, custom-made for busy people.

Recommended by doctors and psychologists, the course makes meditation easy and accessible, even for those who have previously found it difficult or frustrating.

Developed and taught by meditation expert Matthew Young, this pragmatic, easy-to-understand and thoroughly enjoyable course will introduce you to unique and valuable insights that you won’t easily find anywhere else.

By the end of this course you’ll understand meditation in a way that few people ever do, so you can easily relax your body, calm your mind, overcome anxiety, sleep better and generally enjoy life more.

What you’ll learn

What meditation is, how it works and how to do it.

A selection of simple, effective meditation and mindfulness techniques so that you can find what works best for you.

How to seamlessly integrate meditation inf your busy life, and bring calm and balance into your day.

The fastest and most reliable ways to relax your body and calm your mind.

How to break free from stress and worry, restore clarity and calm, and better handle troubling thoughts and emotions.

How to use meditation to easily fall asleep, improve the quality of your sleep, and to release pain and anxiety.

Profound relaxation tools utlilising breathwork, sound meditations, mindful movement, soothing touch, repeated phrases, simple visualisations and more.

What our graduates loved about this course

“Thank you again. I had somewhat of an epiphany this week when I was able to control my tension and anxiety in a high-level work meeting through a spot meditation. What an incredible thing I’ve learned through your course! Everyone should take these lessons, they are truly life changing.”


—  Heidi Q.

“I gained so much from this course. I thought I had a fair grasp of meditation and what it was but I was happily proven wrong. The level of information that is put together here is priceless. I have a very different understanding about meditation now and its enhanced my self-practice greatly.”


—  Edward C.

“I have found the course so far very practical. I like the way the lessons have built on each other starting from the basics and leading on into more layers of understanding. Everything is presented clearly and simply in a way that kind of demystifys meditation without reducing its impact or importance.”


—  David T.

“WOW, what can I say! I can’t believe how much I learned already in that online session! Yes, I am one of those people who thought I was doing it wrong, that my mind was to be blank etc. — so all of the theory was very useful and helpful! And I was very surprised that I did feel relaxed and peaceful (and I still do).”


—  Caroline P.

“Since I finished your online meditation course, I have made a big progress in my practice. Meditation penetrated all sides of my life and I really like it. The online course helped me a lot. There are not similar meditation centres for public in the Czech Republic, so the books or online courses are the only opportunity, how to study and learn meditation in my country.”


—  Hana P.

I am getting so much more than whatever I ever expected from this course. It has given me such a deep understanding of allowance and the permission to take yourself to a place you wouldn’t dream of before.


— Natalie R.

Meet Your Teacher

Matt Young

Matt Young

Hi! My name’s Matt Young. I’m the founder and director of the Melbourne Meditation Centre.

I developed this online version of my popular Meditation & Mindfulness for Beginners Course, because people living interstate and overseas wanted to participate but couldn’t find the time or money to travel all the way to Melbourne.

I’m known for my practical, down-to-earth approach, and for helping people around the world learn to meditate and live more mindfully, so they can lead their happiest, healthiest, and most fulfilled lives.

With over fifteen years of teaching experience, I’ve learnt how to make meditation very accessible. My students are often surprised to discover how easy and enjoyable meditation can be — no matter their age, religion, physical ability, or busy schedule.

I’ve served on the boards of Meditation Australia and Headspace, consulted for Chris Hemsworth’s CENTR app and produced guided meditations for Endota Spa and various wellbeing programs worldwide. You can find me on apps including Insight Timer, Simple Habit, and Sleep Reset.

How does this training work?

Comprised of six lessons, each of which will take roughly 90 minutes to complete, this course presents meditation in a simple, practical manner. Available 24/7, you can login immediately and complete the course at your own pace, wherever you are.

Each lesson includes several guided meditations which you can listen to or download. You’ll be introduced to spot meditations which you can use to destress wherever you are, as well as formal practices designed for deeper relaxation, better health and self awareness.

You’ll have access to an experienced teacher and you’ll be introduced to techniques that work in busy contemporary lives. You won’t have to sit cross-legged. You won’t have to empty your mind. And you won’t have to meditate for hours a day.

You’ll be introduced to a wide variety of techniques and we’ll offer you clear explanations every step of the way, so that you understand exactly what you are doing and why.

This course is for you if…

you are new to meditation and want an easy way to learn.

you’ve been trying to meditate on your own without success.

you already meditate but want to go deeper.

you’ve been using an app, but don’t really know quite what you’re doing — and feel the guidance of a teacher would be helpful.

you want a natural approach — you don’t want to have to rely on binaural beats, subliminal suggestion or other technology to manipulate your brainwaves.

you want to actually learn to meditate for yourself, rather than just follow along to someone else’s guidance.

you want crystal clear instructions rather than vague or esoteric promises.

What’s included?

More than 20 different meditation and mindfulness techniques.

Clear, step-by-step instructions.

Dozens of downloadable guided meditations.

Teacher support from Matt Young, Director of the Melbourne Meditation Centre.

Reflection and journaling prompts.

Lifetime access to all training materials.

Learn to meditate now.

This online course is based on our renowned 6-Week Meditation & Mindfulness for Beginners Course, worth $265.

You could go away and spend 20 years and thousands of dollars researching and studying meditation, or, you can get access to 20+ years of teaching experience — along with the vast knowledge and associated course materials — right now for just $27.