How to Meditate Workshop

A 3-hour introduction to meditation and mindfulness for beginners.

Too busy to meditate?
Can’t turn off your brain?
Curious about mindfulness but don’t know where to begin?

If you’ve always wanted to meditate but felt it just wasn’t possible for you, this workshop will get you started with user-friendly approaches that don’t require you to sit still or stop thinking.

The How to Meditate Workshop is a condensed form of our Meditation & Mindfulness for Beginners Course.

Simple and practical, it will introduce you to a range meditation and mindfulness techniques that you can use in any situation.

How to Meditate Workshops are held on Sundays from 2 — 5pm. The next one is scheduled for:

  • October 23 in Clifton Hill

Workshop Fee: $99 / $88

Thanks for this afternoon. It was a really useful workshop. I took a lot away. The material was accessible, not at all preachy, and presented in a light-hearted and professional manner.

Stuart H.

I attended your workshop today – it was so fantastic, thank you so much!

It completely changed my perspective on my ability to be able to meditate effectively, and gave me some fabulous tools.

Nina A.

Workshops are suitable if you can’t come to regular classes, if the next term is too far away, or if you just want to get a taste of what we do before committing to a full course.

Learn to relax your body

Learn to calm your mind

Designed for beginners

Meditation AND Mindfulness

What will I learn?
  • How to relax.
  • How to slow down or ‘switch off’ an overactive mind.
  • How to meditate in any situation.
  • How to use meditation to fall asleep.
  • The key attitudes needed in order to meditate effectively.
  • How meditation works and how to customise it to your own needs.
What styles of meditation are taught at the workshop?
Because there is no way of meditating that works for everyone, we introduce you to a variety of techniques. We also explain how meditation works and what skills and attitudes are most helpful for the beginner.

We aren’t affiliated with religious or spiritual traditions and draw upon insights and approaches from psychology and neuroscience.

What if I’m not a beginner?
Even experienced meditators have found our workshops and courses useful. However, if you are looking for something that goes beyond the basics you might try a mini-retreat, weekend or week-long retreat, or our Teacher Training course.