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How to Meditate Workshop

The How to Meditate Workshop is a condensed form of our Meditation & Mindfulness for Beginners Course.

It’s designed as an introduction to meditation and will help you get started with a range of simple, practical techniques. Workshops are particularly suitable if you can’t come to regular classes, if the next term is too far away, or if you just want to get a taste of what meditation is before committing to a full course.

How to Meditate Workshops are usually run on Sunday afternoons, from 2.00 – 5.00pm at our St Kilda or Clifton Hill venue.

Workshop Fee: $99 / $88

What if I’m not a beginner?

Looking for something that goes beyond the basics? Try our:

What's covered on the workshop?

The workshop introduces essential principles and practices.  You’ll go away with:

  • A clear understanding of what meditation is.
  • Half a dozen mindfulness exercises you can use to relax whenever you want, wherever you are.
  • Simple breath meditations you can use to trigger rapid relaxation or even sleep.
  • An appreciation for the key principles of meditation and how to apply them.
What styles of meditation are taught at the workshop?

The workshop focuses on teaching you the fundamental skills of meditation, using forms of meditation that are simple to understand, enjoyable, pragmatic and results oriented. We teach a range of techniques, focusing on those that experience has shown to be most effective for the greatest variety of people. Our intention is to help you to discover the ways of meditating that suit your particular needs, temperament and lifestyle. We aren’t affiliated with any particular religious or spiritual tradition but draw on techniques and strategies from both traditional and contemporary sources, utilizing the tried and tested ‘standards’ as well as the latest insights from psychology and neuroscience.

I have attended two of your 6 week meditation courses in the past two years and really enjoyed them. I work as a Kinesiologist and have recommended your courses many times to my clients because I feel that you offer techniques that would benefit anyone, can be used at anytime and which also have no religious affiliation.

Susanna V.

Thanks for all your wisdom and teachings. You’re great at making the theory and practice of meditation accessible to all – a pretty amazing skill.

Kate T.

Thanks for this afternoon, it was a really useful workshop and I’ve taken a lot away from it to put in real word practise. The workshop itself was accessible, not preachy in away shape or form, light hearted and presented really well. I look forward to trying to implement these techniques into my life to resolve a few issues I’m having. So, thank you.
Stuart H.

Just want to say a big Thank You for the workshop today. As I said, it was a great refresher and I can’t wait to apply more meditation into my yoga teaching.

Jane D.

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