How to Meditate

A 3-hour introductory workshop for those new to meditation and mindfulness.

Meditation — the art of relaxing the body and calming the mind — is a simple skill that anyone can learn. It allows you to quickly find your balance, wherever you are and whenever you want.

Learning how to meditate is easy, and the benefits can come quickly.  So come on in, and get ready to relax.

Who is the workshop for?

How to Meditate is a 3-hour workshop perfect for beginners.

If you’ve never tried meditation before or you’re just curious about what it is and how it might help you, this is the ideal placed to start.

The workshop will also suit you if you’ve tried a couple of apps, (and even attended a class or two) but have yet to find the right approach, or aren’t quite sure if you’re “doing it right”.

We’ll get you started with a user-friendly approach that doesn’t require you to sit still or stop thinking. And we’ll share simple, practical techniques that are  both easy and enjoyable.

“I’ve always been interested in meditation, but I never knew where to start.

This workshop was the perfect introduction.

The instructor was clear, concise, and engaging. I learned a lot and I’m excited to start meditating on my own.”


—  Darren A.

Why do people attend?

People take up meditation for various reasons. Here are some of the most common.

Stress and Anxiety

  • Feeling overwhelmed and stressed out
  • Dealing with constant anxiety and worry
  • Struggling to find inner peace in a hectic world

Lack of Focus and Clarity

  • Having a scattered mind and inability to concentrate
  • Feeling mentally foggy and unable to think clearly
  • Constantly getting distracted and unable to stay focused

Emotional Imbalance

  • Riding an emotional roller coaster
  • Difficulty managing anger, sadness, or frustration
  • Seeking balance and stability in my emotions

Sleep Issues

  • Struggling with insomnia and restless nights
  • Unable to switch off my mind and relax before bed
  • Waking up tired and unable to get quality sleep

Physical Tension and Pain

  • Suffering from chronic headaches or migraines
  • Feeling constant tension and tightness in my muscles
  • Dealing with bodily aches and discomfort

Work-Life Balance

  • Feeling burned out and overwhelmed with work
  • Struggling to find time for myself and relaxation
  • Wanting to create a healthier work-life balance

Self-Criticism and Negative Thinking

  • Being too hard on myself and having low self-esteem
  • Getting trapped in negative thought patterns
  • Seeking self-compassion and positive mindset

Relationship Challenges

  • Difficulty communicating and connecting with others
  • Struggling with conflict and maintaining healthy relationships
  • Wanting to improve my interpersonal skills

Lack of Energy and Motivation

  • Feeling constantly drained and lacking enthusiasm
  • Struggling to find motivation and inspiration
  • Craving a boost of energy and zest for life

Feeling Disconnected

  • Feeling disconnected and longing for something deeper
  • Desiring a sense of purpose and meaning in life
  • Exploring spirituality and personal growth

Workshop Details

Workshop Times & Locations

How to Meditate” Workshops are held on Sundays from 2 — 5pm and run in St Kilda and Clifton Hill.

Our remaining workshop for 2024 is scheduled for:

Workshop Fee: $99 / $88

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I attended your workshop today – it was so fantastic, thank you so much!

It completely changed my perspective on my ability to be able to meditate effectively, and gave me some fabulous tools.


Nina A.

What to Expect

What will I learn?

  • How to relax.
  • How to slow down or ‘switch off’ an overactive mind.
  • How to meditate in any situation.
  • How to use meditation to fall asleep.
  • The key attitudes needed in order to meditate effectively.
  • How meditation works and how to customise it to your own needs.

What type of meditation is taught at the workshop?

Because there is no one way of meditating that works for everyone, we introduce you to a variety of techniques. We also explain how meditation works and what skills and attitudes are most helpful for the beginner.

We aren’t affiliated with religious or spiritual traditions and draw upon insights and approaches from psychology and neuroscience.

Thanks for this afternoon. It was a really useful workshop. I took a lot away. The material was accessible, not at all preachy, and presented in a light-hearted and professional manner.


Stuart H.

What if I’m not a beginner?

Even experienced meditators have found our workshops and courses useful. However, if you are looking for something that goes beyond the basics you might try a mini-retreat, weekend or week-long retreat, or our Teacher Training course.

For someone who overthinks and analyses things way too much I was surprised how I managed my thoughts differently!


Andy P.