Meditation and Mindfulness Coaching

with Melbourne Meditation Centre Director Matt Young, or Counsellor and Social Worker, Deb Ling.
Having trouble meditating? Can’t focus? Get distracted? Too restless or sleepy? Not motivated? Can’t find the time? Discouraged?

These are common problems, and they have simple solutions. Meditation can be a delightful and rewarding practice, but it needs to be customised to your own temperament, personality and needs.

Private consultations allow you to explore and develop your capacity to meditate in a relaxed atmosphere, and one-on-one attention provides the time and space to find ways of meditating that work for you.

Consultations are ideal if you:

  • Struggle with meditation
  • Can’t switch off
  • Need help with anxiety
  • Need help getting to sleep
  • Need help with chronic pain

Private consultations are of one hour’s duration and are conducted at our home-office in McKinnon (near Bentleigh) or in Clifton Hill on Monday afternoons. The fee is $120/hr.

Consultations are also available online via Zoom.

To arrange a consultation please email matt@melbournemeditationcentre.com.au

Payment is required at the time of the session or beforehand. Please bring cash to your consultation or prepay via credit card.

Also Available: Meditation for Couples

  • Develop greater appreciation for your partner
  • Build goodwill and empathy
  • Increase your ability to engage deeply, and
  • Improve your capacities for positive emotion and dealing with conflict


Bulk Billed 1-on-1 Meditation & Mindfulness Instruction

Debbie Ling has been teaching at Melbourne Meditation Centre since 2005.

She is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker and offers meditation and mindfulness instruction and/or general counselling services for stress, anxiety, depression and relationship problems.

Debbie has over 25 years counselling experience. The approaches she uses include:

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Solution Focused
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Strengths Based Approaches

If you are on a Mental Health Treatment Plan you are entitled to 6 sessions of individual therapy (with the possibility of a maximum of 10 sessions per calendar year), and the full cost is bulk billed to Medicare.

You can get a Mental Health Treatment Plan by going to your GP, stating your problem (e.g. anxiety, work stress etc.) and telling them that you would like to see Debbie (who is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker  and bulk bills through Medicare).

You can give your GP the Information for GPs brochure.

Debbie consults after hours on weeknights and on Saturdays from 9am — 12pm. She has some limited day time availability. Consultations are available at our home office in McKinnon and via Zoom or phone.

Please note: Debbie does not offer an immediate crisis service. New clients can usually be seen within two to three weeks.

Please note you must bring the mental health treatment plan referral letter from your doctor to the first session to be bulk billed, otherwise the cost is $100 per hour.

Debbie is not currently taking on new clients.

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker.

Venue and Parking Information

Unit 5, 6 Claire St, McKinnon is just a short walk (200m) from McKinnon Train Station (Frankston Line). Parking is usually available directly outside the building.

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