Meditation & Mindfulness
for Beginners

A six-week course held in suburbs across Melbourne and Geelong.

Don’t let stress, sleepless nights, anxiety or physical pain ruin your quality of life. Discover simple, natural ways to find and maintain balance.

Next courses start from July 21.

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Do you struggle to relax and unwind?

Would you like to STOP letting stress, sleepless nights or physical and emotional pain from holding you back?

Our six-week Meditation & Mindfulness for Beginners Course is the perfect place to start, no matter how busy your mind — or life.

Recommended by doctors and psychologists, the course makes meditation easy and accessible, even for those who have previously found it difficult or frustrating.

Developed and taught by meditation expert Matthew Young, this pragmatic, easy-to-understand and thoroughly enjoyable course will introduce you to unique and valuable insights that you won’t easily find anywhere else.

By the end of the course you’ll understand meditation in a way that few people ever do, so you can easily relax your body, calm your mind, overcome anxiety, sleep better and generally enjoy life more.

Find out who we are, how we’re different, and what makes us unique.

What our happy and grateful students
say about the Beginners Course.

“Thanks for a great and far less confronting introduction to meditation than I had originally imagined.

The course was really well taught, and our teacher always had great insights, support and advice.

It really was a great experience, so thanks again!”


—  Lorenzo P.

“Since completing the Meditation & Mindfulness for Beginners Course, I have recommended it to many of my patients. Why?

Not only does the course teach a range of practical mindfulness meditation techniques that assist in reducing stress and anxiety, it is firmly grounded in medical research and evidence.

Highly recommended.”


—  Dr Amanda Osborne
Casey Medical Centre, Cranbourne.

“Thanks for a great course and for giving me such effective meditation techniques.

I really enjoyed the sessions and the way you conducted them.

Perfect time of the day to go home feeling exceptionally refreshed and human.”


—  Nola B.

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What you’ll learn in six inspiring
and enjoyable weekly sessions.

What meditation is, how it works and how to do it.

A selection of simple meditation and mindfulness techniques so that you can find what works best for you.

How to break free from stress and worry, restore clarity and calm, and better handle troubling thoughts and emotions.

The fastest and most reliable ways to relax your body and calm your mind.

How to seamlessly integrate meditation into your busy life and bring calm and balance into your day.

How to use meditation to fall asleep, or to sleep more deeply, and as a means of relieving pain and anxiety.

H0w our students describe
their experience on course.

“For someone who overthinks and analyses things way too much I was surprised how I managed my thoughts differently!”


—  Andy H.

“I gained so much from this course. I thought I had a fair grasp of meditation and what it was but I was happily proven wrong.”


—  Edward C.

“I am so grateful for all the value and guidance I have received during this meditation course. In addition to meditation and mindfulness, I am learning to receive, which is a big topic for me. You have created a very warm and welcoming circle, which I am glad to be part of.

I especially like your down to earth approach and explanations, as well as the lightheartedness whilst working with a complex subject.”


—  Sanna R.

“I loved the whole course. It has helped me reconnect with meditation and I now put much less pressure on myself to ‘do it right’. I enjoy it so much more!”


—  Julie B.

“My Fitbit tells me that during last night’s meditation my heart rate dropped to 40bpm. That’s as good as sleep!”


—  Bruce S.

Tried & Tested Teachings

Since 2005, over 20,000 students have completed the Beginners Course. Those students have told us what works and what doesn’t.

From their feedback we’ve learnt how to demystify meditation and to customise it to the needs of regular folk.

This means our classes are practical, accessible and jargon-free, and don’t require you to sit still or stop thinking.

They also draw upon lessons from neuroscience and psychology, resulting in course material that is both fascinating and unique. Indeed, even long-term meditators express surprise at how much they learn.

Resources for Life

You’ll complete the course with a solid understanding of meditation and a range of techniques for use in every situation imaginable.

But that’s not all.

You’ll also be able to review the comprehsive course textbook, listen as often as you like to dozens of unique guided meditations and join ongoing Zoom classes.

As part of our friendly and supportive community you’ll also get priority access to our special events and retreats, should you be interested in further developing your skills.

Matt Young

Meet Your Teacher

Matt Young

Meet Matt Young, Founder and Director of the Melbourne Meditation Centre, a leading expert in the field of meditation, and your teacher on most courses. Renowned for his practical, down-to-earth approach, Matt helps people around the world learn to meditate and live more mindfully, so they can lead their happiest, healthiest, and most fulfilled lives.

With over fifteen years of teaching experience, Matt has a unique ability to make meditation accessible. His students are often surprised to discover how easy and enjoyable meditation can be — no matter their age, religion, physical ability, or busy schedule.

Matt has served on the boards of Meditation Australia and Headspace, has consulted for Chris Hemsworth’s CENTR app and produced guided meditations for Endota Spa and various wellbeing programs worldwide, reflecting the recognition and trust he has earned over the years. He also features on apps including Insight Timer, Simple Habit, and Sleep Reset, to name a few.

How it Works

Course Details

The course runs over six weeks.

Each class goes for 90 minutes.

You attend one class per week and can choose the location and time most convenient for you.

If you can’t make your usual class you’re welcome to attend at an alternative venue on a different day of the week.

    Course Locations & Fees

    What’s Included

    • 6 x 90-minute classes.
    • Option to attend at any venue.
    • 168 page text book.
    • Over 50 guided meditations.
    • Weekly summary emails.
    • Lifetime access to class recordings.
    • Comprehensive course notes.
    • Concession price for repeat students.
    • 100% Money back guarantee.*

    Enrol Now

    The course fee is $265. For concession card holders it’s $230.

    Glen Waverley
    7:00 — 8:30pm

    Starting July 21

    Clifton Hill
    6:30 — 8:00pm

    Starting July 22

    7:00 — 8:30pm

    Starting July 23

    St Kilda
    7:30 – 9:00pm

    Starting July 24

    Melbourne CBD
    5:30 — 7:00pm

    Starting July 25

    To view all upcoming (2024) courses visit our full course schedule.

    If weekly classes don’t suit your schedule, or you’d like to try us out before committing to a course, come along to one of our introductory workshops.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What type of meditation do you teach?

    We do not teach one type of meditation. Instead, we teach a selection of techniques so that you can find what works for you. You’ll be introduced to all the major types of meditation available. More importantly, we teach you the essential principles of meditation and mindfulness, so that you go away with a clear understanding of what meditation is, how it works and how to do it.

    Do you teach mindfulness meditation?

    Yes. Mindfulness and meditation — for most practical purposes — can be considered to be the same thing. Both refer to the practice of paying attention. For a more thorough explanation please refer to the article What is the difference between mindfulness and meditation? In any case, on all our courses and workshops you’ll be learning to meditate, and to practice mindfulness.

    What type of people attend your courses?

    Ordinary people of all ages: students, office workers, business people, professionals, artists, retirees etc. Many suffer from insomnia, anxiety, tense muscles and an overactive mind. Some come with health problems that are exacerbated by stress. Some have tried meditation previously but were taught techniques that were difficult to apply in daily life.

    Do I have to sit cross legged on the floor?

    No. All our classes are conducted in chairs — usually arranged in a large circle to facilitate group discussion and to allow room for some mindful movement exercises.

    What do I need to bring / wear to class?

    Just yourself. There are no special requirements, though some people like to bring a pen and paper to jot down notes. You may also like to bring a bottle of water.

    What if I’m not a beginner?

    We run mini-retreats for those looking to explore meditation beyond the basics.

    Nonetheless, you don’t have to be a beginner to benefit from the Beginner Course.

    Students with decades of experience often leave with a new-found appreciation for meditation and mindfulness, having developed a greater understanding of the underlying principles, having been exposed to a range of new techniques and approaches, and having developed more nuanced ideas of how their minds work.

    If you’ve previously completed meditation retreats, but have found the techniques difficult to sustain in ‘real life’, or if you’ve had a long history of meditation practice in more formal settings and traditions, our Beginners Course offers approaches to meditation that you may find more suited to the demands of contemporary living.

    What if I miss the first week?

    It’s okay to join in from Week 2. However, if you miss the first two weeks we recommend you wait until the next round of courses begin.

    What if I can’t make my usual class?

    If you can’t make your usual class you can attend at an alternative venue, or attend during the next round of courses. There’s no need to notify us beforehand; you can just show up at your preferred class each week.

    What if I can’t make all six sessions?

    For best results aim to attend all six classes. However, you’ll still benefit if you can’t attend them all. Comprehensive course notes and recordings of each class (except Week 1) are emailed to you after each class.

    What happens if I enrol and then can’t attend?

    If you cancel before the course starts, you are entitled to a full refund (minus a $55 cancellation fee). No refunds are offered once a course has started.

    How many people are there in each class?

    Class sizes usually vary between about 8 and 20.

    Can I attend the courses on a casual basis?

    No. We run workshops for those who can’t commit to a full course.

    If I am seeing psychologist or have a mental health problem should I attend?

    If you are seeing a doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist or other mental health professional, or have suffered from a serious mental health issue in the past, we recommend that you check with them before enrolling.

    Does this course qualify me to teach meditation?

    The Beginners Course is an essential prerequisite for anyone considering going on to do our Meditation Teacher Training Course.

    What happens on course?

    In this practical course — for people with busy minds and lives — you will learn simple, effective techniques for bringing calm and balance into everyday life.

    You won’t be required to sit still or stop thinking, but you will learn how to relax your body and calm your mind. You’ll also be able to deal better with worry and anxiety, sleep better and generally enjoy life more.

    A range of meditation and mindfulness techniques are taught so that you find the approaches which work best for you.

    Each lesson includes a short discussion explaining an aspect of meditation or mindfulness, gentle loosening and stretching exercises, expert guidance through the meditations and opportunities to ask questions.

    Summary of Benefits

    Reduce Stress

    Stay calm at work, on the road, and even when the kids are driving you up the wall.

    Sleep Better

    Get to sleep more quickly. Enjoy a good night’s rest. Stay relaxed when you wake up at 2am.

    Think Clearly

    Access a sense of calm, peace and balance, whenever you need to.

    Regulate Emotions

    Reduce feelings of depression, anxiety, anger and confusion.

    Manage Pain

    Relieve headaches, reduce muscular tension and learn to manage chronic pain.

    Improve Health

    Optimise immune system, reduce your blood pressure and improve circulation.