Meditation & Mindfulness Courses for Beginners

6-week courses in suburbs across Melbourne and Geelong.

Our six-week course is a great place to begin if you are new to meditation and mindfulness, or looking to refine and develop your skills.

If you have a busy mind (and life), lack discipline and can’t sit still, that’s no problem. Our approach is user-friendly, realistic and practical.

If you’re anxious, stressed, overtired, overwhelmed, or tend to overthink, the course will help you to better manage even your most troubling thoughts and emotions. You’ll learn how to:

  • relax your body
  • calm your mind and improve your focus
  • rest deeply and fall asleep
  • manage pain and maintain good health
  • think clearly and creatively.

If weekly classes don’t suit your schedule, or you’d like to try us out before committing to a course, come along to one of our Sunday afternoon workshops.

Where are the courses run?

Courses normally run at the locations below. However, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic all classes will be conducted online (via Zoom, or a similar video-conferencing platform) until further notice.

Glen WaverleySundays7:00 - 8:30pm
GeelongMondays*7:30 - 9:00pm
Clifton HillMondays6:30 - 8:00pm
Templestowe LowerTuesdays7:15 - 8:45pm
St KildaWednesdays7:30 - 9:00pm
Melbourne CBDThursdays5:30 - 7:00pm
CamberwellThursdays8:00 - 9:00pm

* Classes in Geelong sometimes run on other days.

Where are the courses run?

Classes run in:

  • Glen Waverley: Sundays, 7:00 – 8:30pm
  • Geelong: Mondays, 7:30 – 9:00pm
  • Clifton Hill: Mondays, 6:30 – 8:00pm
  • Templestowe Lower: Tuesdays, 7:00 – 8:30pm
  • St Kilda: Wednesdays, 7:30 – 9:00pm
  • Melbourne CBD: Thursdays, 5:30 – 7:00pm
  • Camberwell: Thursdays, 8:00 – 9:30pm

When does the next course begin?

Courses run continually throughout the year.
Check the course schedule for start dates, times and locations.

How much do courses cost?

$235 / $200 Concession

How do I enrol?

Enrol online via the schedule or registration pages.
Choose to pay via direct debit, credit card or cheque / money order.

Need more details?

See below for what happens and what you will learn on course.
Or find out who we are, how we’re different, and what we do.

Thanks for a great and far less confronting introduction to meditation than I had originally imagined.

The course was really well taught, and our teacher always had great insights, support and advice.

It really was a great experience, so thanks again!

Lorenzo P.

Thanks for a great course and for giving me such effective meditation techniques.

I really enjoyed the sessions and the way you conducted them.

Perfect time of the day to go home feeling exceptionally refreshed and human.

Nola B.

Course Details & Features
6 x 90-minute sessions.

Attend classes at any venue.

Receive weekly summary emails.

Access comprehensive notes.


Download guided meditations.

Miss a class? Join in next term.

Repeat courses at the concession rate.

Thank you again. I had somewhat of an epiphany this week when I was able to control my tension and anxiety in a high level work meeting using a ‘spot’ meditation.

What an incredible thing I’ve learned through your course!

Heidi Q.

What happens on course?
In this practical course — for people with busy minds and lives — you will learn simple, effective techniques for bringing calm and balance into everyday life.

You won’t be required to sit still or stop thinking, but you will learn how to relax your body and calm your mind. You’ll also be able to deal better with worry and anxiety, sleep better and generally enjoy life more.

A range of meditation and mindfulness techniques are taught so that you find the approaches which work best for you.

Each lesson includes a short discussion explaining an aspect of meditation or mindfulness, gentle loosening and stretching exercises, expert guidance through the meditations and opportunities to ask questions.

What will you learn on course?
  • what meditation is, how it works and how to do it.
  • ‘spot’ meditations which you can use to help de-stress / restore clarity and calm
  • sensory awareness exercises for managing worries / helping to stay present
  • mindful movement, breath and body awareness practices for triggering immediate relaxation
  • how to access profound relaxation via meditations on the body, breath, sounds, movement, touch, repeated phrases and simple visualisations
  • unique practices for better managing thoughts and emotions
  • meditations for working with pain and anxiety, and for falling and staying asleep.
What if I’m not a beginner?
We run Sunday mini-retreats for those looking to explore meditation beyond the basics.

Nonetheless, you don’t have to be a beginner to benefit from the Beginner Course.

Students with decades of experience often leave with a new-found appreciation for meditation and mindfulness, having developed a greater understanding of the underlying principles, having been exposed to a range of new techniques and approaches, and having developed more nuanced ideas of how their minds work.

If you’ve previously completed meditation retreats, but have found the techniques difficult to sustain in ‘real life’, or if you’ve had a long history of meditation practice in more formal settings and traditions, our Beginners Course offers approaches to meditation that you may find more suited to the demands of contemporary living.

The Beginners Course is an essential prerequisite for anyone considering going on to do our Meditation Teacher Training Course.

I just attended the long weekend November retreat with Matt and Liu. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to reconnect to themselves in a safe environment to explore.It was a profound experience.And a great bunch of humans attended the retreat.Thank you.
Agnes Gonfaus
Agnes Gonfaus
09:57 08 Nov 17
I completed my Meditation Teacher Training in late '18 at MMC and I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend the course. Matt is a very experienced and passionate teacher which is reflected in the quality of this course.
Matt Hopper
Matt Hopper
01:06 30 Jan 19
Great introduction to meditation, simple to follow and safe environment. Weekly summary emails and resources were really helpful to reflect on. Thank you!
Donna Lo Bartolo Shiel
Donna Lo Bartolo Shiel
04:35 29 Nov 18
I completed Meditation Teacher Training with Matt at the end of 2016 and since then have been working on developing my wellness business while also running another business full time. I launched my new business a couple of months ago and have been using my meditation training to develop online meditation streams for my clients. The course was really well put together and easy to follow and even though I have been meditating for a number of years, I learnt so much more about my own practise and also how to support others with their meditation and mindfulness. This course will help you to develop the confidence and knowledge to write and present well thought out meditation scripts and how to integrate meditiation and mindfulness into your existing business or a new business. Matt encourages involvement from everyone so that you can develop your insights and skills, and the group environment was supportive and inclusive 🙂 I recommend enrolling if you're considering teaching meditation and mindfulness!!
Michelle Emma
Michelle Emma
02:20 21 May 18
Just completed Melbourne Meditation Centre Meditation Teacher Program. It has provided me with a good understanding of meditation, and has been very useful. I can highly recommend both the meditation teacher program, and the beginner program. It is a great place. Thank you, Matt for all the learnings.
Christel Nikolajsen
Christel Nikolajsen
04:54 01 Jan 19
I really enjoyed the Meditation Beginner Course at MMC, and got a lot out of it! The course delivery goes back to basics, and doesn't place expectations or focus on certain styles or methods. It's about your own journey. I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to expand their knowledge and understanding of Meditation.
Verica Tackoen
Verica Tackoen
00:24 18 Dec 19
I went away for my first meditation retreat over the Melbourne Cup Weekend and can highly recommend MMC to anyone looking to better connect with themselves. I was welcomed and supported by both Matt and Lynda and most definitely benefitted from there guidance, experience and teaching.
Adam Dzwonczyk
Adam Dzwonczyk
02:27 15 Nov 16
I recently completed Meditation Teacher Training with Matt. I highly recommend this course! At first it seems a bit unusual that you would need to do the Beginners Course as a prerequisite (when you are clearly not a beginner) but the 'unlearning' that you do in both courses sets you up perfectly to teach meditation in the most natural, unforced way. The classes are well planned and hugely supportive, from the practice to the coursework to Matt's guidance (talking me off the ledge the day before I taught my own first class!).The recent Mini Retreat in Clifton Hill was also very beneficial. I felt very lucky to be meditating with a special group of people and I'm inspired to attend a longer retreat later in the year.
Kristin Odijk
Kristin Odijk
08:22 12 Apr 18
I had heard how beneficial meditation is and had tried at home but had never been able to accomplish any form of relaxation when trying to mediate. I decided in 2018 that I would give one of Beth's courses a go. This taught me fundamentals of meditation and gave me many tools to choose from. Most importantly it taught me that mediation is not a competition and you don't have to try to win or shut your mind off. Beth taught me to be kinder to myself and just allow my mind to just do what it wanted. From here I was able to relax and enjoy the beneifits of a meditative state. I and the closest people around me are certain that this has improved my quality of life
Chris Sanchez
Chris Sanchez
21:05 30 Jan 20
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Farjana Juma
Farjana Juma
21:24 25 Mar 20
Excellent, accessible, sincere meditation. The retreat is in a breathtaking location, and allows you to go as you want. Highly recommend the Melbourne Meditation Center to anyone new or old to meditation. You can trust all courses, books, retreats, audio files and other MMC products as being excellent quality.
Henry Churchill
Henry Churchill
02:15 04 Nov 16
I've used the Melbourne Meditation Centre for a few years now. I've done 2 day courses, bought the CDs, bought the CDs for other people, done the 6 week course and now just immersed in the 4 day silent retreat. MMC does such a wonderful job of making meditation accessible and therefore valuable. Each experience with Matt and the team leaves you feeling more empowered to live the life you want to, and taking further steps towards self care and compassionate and kind living. It's an ultimate lifehack!
Jennifer Frahm
Jennifer Frahm
00:14 03 Nov 16
All my experiences with Melbourne Meditation Centre have been great, and the teacher training course is exceptionally well structured, supportive and useful. I’ve recommended the online beginners course to many friends and will undoubtedly return to the materials from both courses for years to come. MMC is an excellent resource and a breath of fresh air for those looking for genuinely inclusive, challenging (and secular) meditation instruction or retreats.
Nina Ramona
Nina Ramona
21:40 01 Nov 18
I was recently lucky enough to complete the Meditation teacher training course with Matt, at the Melbourne Meditation Centre. I highly, highly recommend this course for anyone seeking to expand their knowledge of meditation in an honest, sincere, open minded, kind, compassionate, intelligent and discerning way.Matts Teachings are unfettered by bias and not constrained to a specific doctrine or mandated by a particular philosophical or spiritual belief. This impartiality gives rise to a clear and broad overview of our approaches to meditation and allows us to consider what really works for us as individuals (and therefore as teachers to support and allow others to do the same) as we question the subtle layers of our own personal indoctrinated ideals.In my experience, Matt's approach to meditation offers tools that invite a discovery of life-long learning, self-growth, self-trust and truth seeking.Matt is a gentle, accepting, open, kind and true teacher. A great strength of Matt's is that he is able to challenge students to honestly question themselves about their own experiences. This leads an individual to develop a greater level of discernment and clarity on the vast subject of meditation, through one’s own experiential insights, rather than students ‘learning’ from a set of ‘rules’ that need to be imbibed , unquestioned, and regurgitated for an exam.The course is extremely well planned, diverse and expansive in its high quality offerings and understandings, regarding the plethora of approaches to meditation. The price of the teacher training course (as well as all of the MMC offerings) is extraordinarily reasonable. I feel it is the best value course I could ever hope to engage in. The contact hours of learning were always enjoyable, challenging and inspiring. In adjunct to this Matt has developed a huge MMC online resource that is available to be utilized by current students and graduates alike. I find this resource to be incredibly illuminating and return to it whenever I am in need of some inspiration and reminders. Matt was extremely supportive and always willing and quick to communicate with me individually when I was requiring help. His commitment to sharing meditation in an honest and unpretentious manner is exemplified by the way he values and supports individuals in an extremely thorough and respectful manner. Matt is humble, unpretentious, open minded and deeply knowledgeable.He is a wonderful teacher for anyone wishing to come to know a broad, unbiased, truthful approach to meditation.I feel really blessed to have been lucky enough to have found Matt at the Melbourne Meditation Centre to study with, as the course has not only positively influenced the way I practice and teach, but it has positively influenced the way I live.
Chelsea Leigh Haworth
Chelsea Leigh Haworth
01:10 13 Aug 18
Did not provide service I was looking for but nevertheless Matthew spent the time to provide links to other Mediation Groups. Found him very helpful and pleasant to talk too. May do a course with him later. Many thanks Matthew for your efforts. Warm Regards Michael Abbet
Michael Abbet
Michael Abbet
23:19 05 May 19
I've just returned from my second meditation retreat with Matt which I thoroughly enjoyed and am amazed it could top my first experience last year. The timetable is curated perfectly with enough space between sessions to rest, go for a walk, read or lay in the sun. While the retreat is in silence there are sessions which involve teaching and sharing of experiences and it's amazing how well you connect with people, without conversations, through this safe and open space Matt so seamlessly creates. Matt's facilitation of the retreat, along with his teaching and insights into meditation are some of the magic ingredients which make this retreat so accessible and valuable to all. Liu's gentle yoga and masterful Yoga Nidra each day are another big draw card. I would thoroughly recommend Matt's retreats to anyone needing to take a break from life and find new perspectives and energy to take back to the world with them. Thanks Matt & Liu for your gift of creating what I find to be the perfect space to meditate and stay present.The November 2017 Recollective Awareness retreat was an experience I will remember for a very long time. Thank you Matt for sharing this approach in such a gentle and permissive way, making meditation accessible to all. Your teaching style and ability to explain meditation simply is both a talent and a gift.
Nicky Angelone
Nicky Angelone
12:00 08 Nov 17
Matt is one of the most approachable teachers I have ever met. His programs are well thought out and can open your eyes to many different approaches to meditation. Highly recommend his program to everyone! I am looking forward to joining him in future classes.
Alexis Guttridge
Alexis Guttridge
06:02 24 Feb 20
Great guided meditations for those who are beginners and need more inner peace.
Mark Condello
Mark Condello
05:18 21 Aug 19
I have completed my beginners course, a mini retreat & meditation teacher course at MMC & have thoroughly enjoyed them all. I have tried other meditation courses and none of them compare to Melbourne Meditation Centre, I highly recommend Matt & his staff.
Caroline Paterson
Caroline Paterson
06:22 04 Jan 19
I have just finished my Teacher Training Course with Melbourne Meditation Center. I went into this course thinking I would be taught how to take a meditation class. I have been meditating for a few years, and I didn't go into this thinking that there was much more to learn about meditating, boy was I wrong! I was surprised at how much my meditation practice evolved and grew. I found the theory side of the course enjoyable, relatable and useful. The six weeks introduction meditation class is a requirement. It might be something you think you don't need to do. However some students are just doing the meditation classes, a few are first timers, its good practice to see Matt in action, and all the tricky questions that arise and how to handle them when teaching. You will most likely miss them when they finish and do the following six weeks of teacher training without them. Matt is passionate about meditation, classes are fun and sometimes challenging in a good way. If you are a thing about doing this course, don't hesitate. It's an investment and worth every penny!
Angela Brancatella
Angela Brancatella
21:21 20 Jan 19
I recently attended the March long weekend retreat and it was wonderful! Our teachers, Matt and Peter provided a safe space for us to learn about meditation or reconnect with our practice. I was able to reconnect with myself, connect with lovely like minded others, and enrich my practice of meditation. All of this took place in a beautiful and tranquil location with great amenities and delicious meals. This is the second retreat I have attended and I look forward to attending many more.
Susie Gonzalez
Susie Gonzalez
09:44 15 Mar 17
I recently completed the Teacher Training course with Matt. It exceeded my expectations on so many different levels. The way Matt breaks down and explains the content is engaging and easy to understand. I now feel confident that with practice on my part, i'll be able to deliver quality meditation classes going forward. Highly recommended. Thanks Matt
Nick Scott
Nick Scott
03:50 22 Jul 17
I’ve just received my Meditation Teacher Trainer certificate. Both MMC’s introduction to meditation and the Teacher Training program are excellent. They are also personally challenging but in my experience, nothing worthwhile is easy.Dr David Edwards
David Edwards
David Edwards
07:27 14 Oct 18
I recently completed my beginners and teacher training courses through Melbourne Meditation Centre. The teachers course has opened so many doors for me. I have so much confidence teaching Meditation now and I feel I can teach with such an open mind and heart. The entire course from beginning to end, showcases a vast array of course material and practical experiences, I don't think I could have obtained anywhere else. Matthew Young is a fantastic teacher, his course structure is designed to look at meditation from every avenue and from every side. It is spaced out nicely, every class, every book, every podcast has been perfectly selected to bring out the best in any teacher. Thank you so much Matt, being your student has been my honor. I have so much gratitude for the lessons I have learned during my time as your student.
Lisa Colafella
Lisa Colafella
03:04 22 Oct 18
I undertook both the introduction to meditation and meditation teacher training course with the melbourne meditation centre and was very happy with both. Matt cares about introducing diversity and appreciation of the huge range of approaches one can take when embarking on their meditation journey. Every part of the courses are thought out and methodical. Even Matt's stance on knowledge towards meditation is fluid and open for discussion as we are always learning and understanding differently. I recommend either of these courses but ultimately the willingness and intention is up to you.
Tim Slingsby
Tim Slingsby
04:19 31 Jul 18
My experience with the Melbourne Meditation Centre was very pleasant, interesting and broadening my knowledge about meditation both in scientific as well as experimental ways. As a Psychologist and Researcher, I can highly recommend the courses held at Melbourne Meditation Centre for anyone who wants to achieve more self-awareness, knowledge and consciousness. Thank you for a fantastic experience!
Camilla Stadlinger
Camilla Stadlinger
10:36 04 Dec 18
I have just finished my Teacher Training Course with Melbourne Meditation Center. I went into this course thinking I would be taught how to take a meditation class. I have been meditating for a few years, and I didn't go into this thinking that there was much more to learn about meditating, boy was I wrong! I was surprised at how much my meditation practice evolved and grew. I found the theory side of the course enjoyable, relatable and useful. The six weeks introduction meditation class is a requirement. It might be something you think you don't need to do. However some students are just doing the meditation classes, a few are first timers, its good practice to see Matt in action, and all the tricky questions that arise and how to handle them when teaching. You will most likely miss them when they finish and do the following six weeks of teacher training without them. Matt is passionate about meditation, classes are fun and sometimes challenging in a good way. If you are a thing about doing this course, don't hesitate. It's an investment and worth every penny!
Angela Di Corrado
Angela Di Corrado
21:34 20 Jan 19
I’ve just completed the beginners course and teacher training course. Both courses have lead to changes in both my personal and professional life. Matt’s knowledge of meditation and the way in which he teaches has enabled me to better understand my personal practice and now I am able to confidently share what I’ve learnt from Matt with others. I highly recommend Matt and Melbourne Meditation Centre.
Sandra Barling
Sandra Barling
00:12 21 Jan 19
I recently became an accredited as a Meditation Teacher, after completing the introductory course and Meditation Teacher Training. I'm happy to announce I am now fully accredited, and a registered business owner, you can find me at The Metanoia Movement. Matt and his course taught me countless things, the biggest impact was that it's important to explore our thoughts and emotions, they are our friends and merely messages about our internal and external environment. The more we become curious, and bravely explore them and our body's sensations, we realise we have what we need within us, to find and use our own solutions any challenge. Thanks Matt, keep up the great work!!
Sara Villiers
Sara Villiers
07:05 15 Aug 18
I am so thankful that I chose to do my training through the Melbourne Meditation Centre. The training was thorough, giving exposure to a multitude of different meditation techniques, plenty of chances to practice guiding and gain honest feedback. The supporting podcasts, notes and reading really enhanced the learning. I am so proud to now be credentialed by the Meditation Association of Australia as a meditation teacher, and to have secured a regular meditation class...all thanks to Matt and his wonderful teaching... thank you so much Matt.
Anne Lewis
Anne Lewis
09:03 07 Oct 18
My experience with MMC was very pleasant, interesting and broadening my knowledge about meditation not only scientifically but also experiential. Everyone who wants to truly start learning and experiencing meditation should participate in one of the courses and enjoy the beneficial outcomes of more self-awareness, consciousness and knowledge!
I have got so much out of my experiences with the Melbourne Meditation Centre - it began with the Introduction to Meditation Course, then this year I did a one-day mini-retreat and have recently completed the teacher training course. All have been excellent. Highly recommend!
Victoria George
Victoria George
07:17 02 Aug 17
I have only great things to say about MMC. I did the 6 week course in 2008 and it continues to offer such a wealth of resources and opportunities. Definitely sign up to the free monthly newsletter they offer. Such a gem that I wish I had found ages ago.
Sabina Vitacca
Sabina Vitacca
03:47 29 Aug 18
This would be one of the most valuable experiences I have had in terms of professional and personal development. I did the 6 Week Beginners Course followed by the Teacher Training, and will now look at doing the Retreat. The sessions were facilitated at a high level comprising of relevant and progressive information, along with a lot of interaction, all in a compassionate and comfortable environment. I have since recommended numerous other people to Melbourne Meditation Centre, who also have loved the experience. Thank you to Matt and everyone else involved for the work that goes in to providing such an amazing service! Gratitude 🙂
Fiona Kriaris
Fiona Kriaris
01:29 01 Aug 17

Simple & Practical

Meditations you can do anywhere. Meditations you can do anytime. Instructions in plain English.


No need to stop thinking. No uncomfotable postures. No impossible-to-do techniques.

Evidence Based

Informed by science and psychology. Taught by experienced teachers. Non-religious.

Thanks for all your wisdom and teachings. You’re great at making the theory and practice of meditation accessible to all – a pretty amazing skill.
Kate T.

I really enjoyed the whole course from beginning to end. It has helped me reconnect with meditation and I now put much less pressure on myself to ‘do it right’ when I meditate. I am starting to enjoy it again, which means I’ll keep doing it!
Julie B.

My Fitbit tells me that during last night’s meditation my heart rate dropped to 40bpm. That’s as good as sleep!
Bruce S.

For someone who overthinks and analyses things way too much I was surprised how I managed my thoughts differently!
Andy H.

Sleep Better

Get to sleep more quickly. Enjoy a good night’s rest. Stay relaxed when you wake up at 2am.

Reduce Stress

Stay calm at work, on the road, and even when the kids are driving you up the wall.

Think Clearly

Access a sense of calm, peace and balance, whenever you need to.

Regulate Heart Rate

Reduce your blood pressure and improve circulation.

Manage Pain

Relieve headaches, reduce muscular tension and learn to manage chronic pain.

Regulate Emotions

Reduce feelings of depression, anxiety, anger and confusion.