Mindful Mini-Retreats

Unwind, reflect and explore meditation in depth.

A Mindful Mini-Retreat is the logical next step for anyone who has completed our Beginners Course and is looking to refine and develop their skills. It’s designed to free you from dependence on guidance, instructions or ‘techniques’ and to encourage you to develop your own ways of meditating. It’s also a great way to spend a Sunday; an opportunity to take some time out to reflect, rest and recharge in the company of fellow meditators.

The mini-retreat is also suitable for those new to meditation, (but looking for a gentle, organic and thought-and-emotion-friendly approach) and those experienced meditators who are looking to explore, critique and fine-tune their meditation practice. In this respect, the workshop is an ideal ‘refresher’ and a great way to reclaim your enthusiasm for and interest in meditation.

Mini-Retreats are held on Sundays from 10am — 4pm, in St Kilda or Clifton Hill. Our next mini-retreat is scheduled for:

  • October 13, 2024 in St Kilda.

Fee: $150 / $130

Mindful Mini-Retreat

Fantastic meditation retreat for those without the time to make it to a longer one. Matt is a great facilitator who takes all the pretention out of meditation and guides everyone with expert advice.

Highly recommend for all levels.


 — Alex B.

What if I’m a beginner?

Although Mini-Retreats are usually attended by people who have completed a Beginners Course with us, or have some other meditation experience, they are also suitable for beginners.

What happens on a Mini-Retreat?

Mini-Retreats are an opportunity to spend a day dedicated to restful reflection and meditation.

The day is relaxed and informal. It includes periods of silent meditation followed by reflection time and discussion.

The meditations themselves are not guided (though brief suggestions or themes are provided prior to each) and range in length from 1 to 30 minutes.

Following each meditation participants are invited to spend a few minutes journaling about their meditation, and then to share their experiences (though this isn’t compulsory).

This process is designed to help you develop greater awareness during meditation so that you can learn how to relate with greater skill to your own thoughts, emotions and feelings.

Thanks for all your wisdom and teachings. You’re great at making the theory and practice of meditation accessible to all – a pretty amazing skill.


 — Kate T.

What will I learn?

You will not be taught any new meditation ‘techniques’. Instead, you will be invited to explore, reflect upon and discuss what actually happens when you meditate. In this way, you’ll develop a greater awareness and understanding of the conditions that lead to helpful and healthy mental states.

You’ll also have the opportunity to hear and learn from other students and your teacher.

You will be encouraged to develop:

  • the capacity to learn from your own experiences during meditation
  • greater trust in the validity of your own experiences
  • the ability to make useful distinctions
  • the ability to exercise your own intelligence and discernment in order to evaluate the value of different approaches to meditation
  • the capacity to tolerate a wide range of emotions and experiences
  • an open, receptive quality of mind
  • gentle ways of relating to your thoughts, emotions and feelings
  • the capacity to question your own assumptions and preconceptions about meditation

I wanted to say thank you for a great course and lots of useful insights into how to have a more flexible and adaptable meditation practice.

Thanks for your generosity and knowledge!


 — Rose L.