Frequently Asked Questions

What type of meditation do you teach at the Melbourne Meditation Centre?
We do not teach one type of meditation. Instead, we teach a selection of techniques so that you can find what works for you. You’ll be introduced to all the major types of meditation available. More importantly, we teach you the essential principles of meditation and mindfulness, so that you go away with a clear understanding of what meditation is, how it works and how to do it.
Do you teach mindfulness meditation?

Yes. Mindfulness and meditation — for most practical purposes — can be considered to be the same thing. Both refer to the practice of paying (or regulating) attention. For a more thorough explanation please refer to the article What is the difference between mindfulness and meditation? In any case, on all our courses and workshops you’ll be learning to meditate, and to practice mindfulness.

Where is the Melbourne Meditation Centre located?
The Melbourne Meditation Centre operates in venues across Melbourne and Geelong.
How much do your courses / workshops cost? Are concession rates available?
Fees for each course or workshop are listed on the course schedule. Valid concession card holders receive a reduction of $35 off the normal course fee and $11 off the normal workshop fee.
Do I have to sit cross legged on the floor?
No. All our classes are conducted in chairs — usually arranged in a large circle to facilitate group discussion and to allow room for some mindful movement exercises.
What do I need to bring / wear to class?
Just yourself. There are no special requirements, though some people like to bring a pen and paper to jot down notes. You may also like to bring a bottle of water.
How many people are there in each class?
Class sizes usually vary between about 8 and 20.
Can I attend the courses on a casual basis?
No. However, we run workshops for those who can’t commit to a full course.
What if I can’t attend my usual course?
If something comes up and you can’t attend your usual class on a particular night, you can attend the class for that week at any of our other venues. You may also choose to attend that class in the following term.
What happens if I sign up and then can’t attend?
If you cancel before the course starts, you are entitled to a full refund (minus a $55 cancellation fee). No refunds are offered once a course has started.
What type of people attend courses at the Melbourne Meditation Centre?
Ordinary people of all ages: students, office workers, business people, professionals, artists, retirees etc. Many suffer from insomnia, anxiety, tense muscles and an overactive mind. Some come with health problems that are exacerbated by stress. Some have tried meditation previously but were taught techniques that were difficult to apply in daily life.
If I am seeing psychologist or have a mental health problem should I attend?
If you are seeing a doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist or other mental health professional, or have suffered from a mental health problem in the past, you should consult them and participate only upon their recommendation.