Guided Meditations

Training wheels for your mind.

Guided meditations
for every purpose.

A Taste of Meditation: Practical Techniques to Relax the Body and Calm the Mind

New to meditation? Get started with half a dozen easy and effective techniques.

Meditation at Work: Short Meditations to Keep You in Balance all Day

Integrate meditation into your day with a variety of short meditations for all occasions.

Meditation For Health: Developing Skills for Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

Enjoy deep rest and relaxation with these longer meditations set to the sounds of nature.

I think the guided meditations you offer are outstanding, and some of the best I have encountered.

Geoff G.

Thanks again for making your awesome meditations available for download.

Emily P.

Guided Meditation Apps

You may also listen to a range of my guided meditations on Apps, including:

Insight Timer

Home to more than 8 million meditators, over 1600 teachers and over 17,000 free guided meditations, you’ll find some of my most popular tracks on Insight Timer, including meditations for falling and staying alseep, for managing anxiety and other emotions, and for working with an overactive mind.

Simple Habit

Specialising in short meditations and tracks for specific purposes (sleep, anxiety, at work, commuting, etc.) you can get temporary free access to the premium version of Simple Habit by signing up to their two-week trial.

A Taste of Meditation: Practical Techniques to Relax the Body and Calm the Mind

Alternatively, dive right in and find a meditation to suit almost any need below.