Ease Anxiety in Any Situation (8 mp3s)


  • Set of 8 guided meditations.
  • mp3 downloads.
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Ease Anxiety in Any Situation

  • A complete program for transforming your relationship with anxiety.

Anxiety can be a real pain. But it doesn’t have to be. It’s often misunderstood, and frequently demonized — and what you’ve learnt about anxiety may actually keep you feeling anxious.

These meditations will introduce you to eight new ways to soothe, explore, understand, accept — and even welcome — your anxious thoughts and feelings. You’ll find some novel approaches, along with some concepts that might be challenging (at first). And you may be relieved to hear that there are also meditations that don’t ask you to focus on the breath (which can be anxiety provoking for some).

"Wow that was so good. Literally melted into my anxiety and came out of it!."


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I learned that stresses and uncertainty don’t have to send me into chaos. I learned I can always access the stable, knowing parts of my consciousness which gives me the firm knowledge that despite the odds I will be okay. I can be here now.


This really helped. Thank you Matt.


These meditations taught me that it is okay to be scared of the unknown, but also to be thankful. I will listen to this many times because it makes me feel grounded and also safe.


Great to listen with no anxiety and then when it hits. I really appreciate your tricks!