Meditation at Work


Meditation at Work – Short Meditations to Keep You in Balance All Day introduces 11 meditations ranging from 1 to 20 minutes in length. Short, practical and easy to integrate into your day, these meditations will teach you how to make meditation a natural part of you life.

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Meditation at Work – Short Meditations to Keep You in Balance All Day is the second in a series of CDs produced by Matthew Young of Melbourne Meditation Centre.

Most people know that meditation is an effective means of destressing but mistakenly believe that you need at least twenty minutes ‘time out’ in order for it to be effective. On this CD you‘ll learn how to bring body and mind back towards balance in as little as 60 seconds, wherever you are. These short guided meditations will allow you to refocus your mind, re-energise your body and calm your emotions so that you can think clearly, work productively and cope more effectively with the inevitable stresses of life at work.

Track Listing

  1. The Quickie [1.00]
  2. Take a Breather [2.00]
  3. Where am I? [3.00]
  4. The Lazy Lunchtime [4.00]
  5. The Stress-Free Smoko [5.00]
  6. Productivity Booster [6.00]
  7. Smooth Sailing [7.00]
  8. Mind & Body Spa [8.00]
  9. The Mental Dump [9.00]
  10. The Ache Breaker [10.00]
  11. Complete Calm [20.00]

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