How to Fall – And Stay – Asleep Easily (7 mp3s)


  • Set of 7 guided meditations.
  • mp3 downloads.


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How to Fall – And Stay – Asleep Easily

  • A complete program for rest, relaxation, rejuvenation and peaceful sleep.
  • Seven guided meditations for help with insomnia.
  • Includes tracks to unwind after work, prepare for sleep, for falling and staying asleep, for when you’re awake in the middle of the night and for when you are worrying too much.

I have a very hard time falling asleep at night but man this meditation knocks me out… I have never made it to the end because it works every time. I’ve tried everything before this; sleeping pills, sound machines, herbs, etc. but nothing has worked as well as this. I’m so grateful.


I love this one I’ve never heard the ending I’m always asleep before it’s over!!!! I highly suggest this one if you can’t fall asleep at night or have a sleep disorder like I do I always fall asleep with this one…


What kind of witchcraft is this? I don’t remember the beginning or the end. All I remember is hitting play and then the next thing I know it was morning. I’ve never experienced this before. Fully recommend.


I’ve tried so many different guided meditations for my insomnia/nighttime anxiety, but this is the ONLY one that’s really been able to help me accept and quiet my restless thoughts enough to rest. Love it!



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