Meditation for Couples

with Nadine Cameron, PhD

Enrich your relationship through meditation. This 6-week private online program teaches you meditation styles linked to skills that are central to supportive, fulfilling relationships.

The course is taught by Nadine Cameron, a couples therapist and experienced meditation teacher with a PhD in social work and postgraduate qualifications in couples therapy.

Suitable for beginning through to experienced meditators and tailored to your interests, Meditation for Couples can help you:

  • Improve both your self-acceptance and appreciation for your partner
  • Build goodwill and empathy in your relationship
  • Increase your ability to engage deeply, and
  • Improve your capacities for positive emotion and dealing with conflict

Meditation for Couples is 6 x 1 hour sessions taught online (via Zoom) to individual couples. The fee is $650.

Meditation for Couples

You can make an appointment with Nadine by emailing nadine@melbournemeditationcentre.com.au