7-Day Meditation Teacher
Training Retreat

Casa Pallotti, Yarra Valley, VIC.

Gain the confidence to teach meditation and mindfulness with skill and integrity — in your own way — on this practical, comprehensive and insightful retreat.

April 2024 — Dates TBC.
Meditation Teacher Training students engaged in discussion at Clifton Hill.

Become a highly skilled Meditation Teacher…

…under the expert guidance of one of Melbourne’s leading meditation teachers;
Melbourne Meditation Centre Director, Matt Young.

This immersive 7-Day Retreat offers a holistic experience designed to provide you with the essential skills to become a confident meditation teacher, while also indulging in the rejuvenating advantages of being away on a retreat.

This retreat isn’t just a training program. It’s a meticulously curated environment that nurtures both your personal and professional growth.

Enjoy delicious vegetarian meals, precious moments of rest and relaxation, the picturesque surroundings, good company, and fresh air that invigorates the soul.

Join Melbourne Meditation Centre’s vibrant community of like-minded individuals, all seeking to explore the depths of mindfulness and meditation, and discover powerful, accessible ways to share these practices with others.

What You Will Experience / Gain

Gain the confidence and experience necessary to guide and teach.

Understand what techniques to teach and in what order.

Enjoy the company of like-minded and supportive peers.

Work through real-life case studies and scenarios.

Write and record your own guided meditation scripts.

Learn how to make meditation accessible and enjoyable.

Deepen and develop your personal practice in suprising ways.

Learn how to effectively market your own classes.

Matt Young

Meet Your Teacher

Matt Young

Founder and Director, Matt Young is the driving force behind the Melbourne Meditation Centre, and a seasoned expert in the field of meditation and mindfulness.

With over two decades of teaching experience and stints on the boards of Meditation Australia and the Headspace app, Matt has become synonymous with the centre’s renowned down-to-earth, non-religious and practical approach to these transformative practices.

As the architect of success for more than 500 trained teachers, Matt’s teaching philosophy revolves around a gentle, user-friendly style that resonates with a diverse audience. His unique approach not only demystifies mindfulness and meditation but also empowers individuals to share these practices in a way that is accessible and appealing.

Join Matt on a journey of self-discovery and professional growth as you delve into the heart of meditation and mindfulness. His wealth of experience, coupled with a genuine commitment to your success, makes Matt an invaluable mentor on your path to becoming a skilled and inspiring meditation teacher.

In 2024 we’ll be running our Meditation Teacher Training Retreat in early April.

For regional, interstate and overseas participants, this allows you to complete the in-person component of your training in one week. You’ll also be able to complete much of the other coursework required to graduate, though the required reading may take some extra time.

You will also be able to participate without completing our Meditation & Mindfulness for Beginners Course — which is normally a pre-requisite — as the material covered on the Beginners Course will be included on retreat.

Enjoy the usual benefits of being away on retreat; including tasty vegetarian meals, time to rest and relax, the picturesque location and fresh air and the good company of like-minded students.

2024 Dates

7 Nights
Start: 7:00pm — Saturday April 6
End: Approximately 11:00am, Saturday April 13.


The retreat is held at the Casa Pallotti Retreat Centre, near Warburton. It’s about 90 minutes drive from the Melbourne CBD.



Payment Options

Your place on Teacher Training is not guaranteed until payment in full has been received.

You can pay via direct debit, by cheque or money order, or by credit card via paymate.com.au or PayPal.

You may pay in installments.

Payment Options.


Private Room: $3450
Shared Room: $2750
Camping: $1950

Prices include tuition, food and accommodation.

If all our private rooms are booked out you may also elect to stay offsite, at Pallotti College (500m away) or at a nearby hotel or B&B. You will need to arrange and pay for your own accommodation. $1950

Still got questions?

More details on what to expect from our Teacher Training  programs can be found on the general Teacher Training page.

Alternatively, email any queries to matt@melbournemeditationcentre.com.au or call me directly on 0410 562 843

I had the opportunity to complete the meditation teacher training retreat and I can highly recommend.

Matt and Beth did an amazing job of engaging us as students in a critical analysis of our preconceived ideas of meditation. They both had unique teaching styles that complimented each other. There was an opportunity to explore meditation styles, techniques and to design and create your own meditation for the class.

This course really made me question some ideas I arrived at the retreat with and I left with a much more curious and creative approach to meditation and meditation teaching.

Further to the retreat the coursework exposed me to content that I am continuing to eagerly explore post completing the course.

Matt and Beth created an environment of open, kind and generous discussion that then spilled out of the classes and into our socialisation and recreation time.

If you are considering completing the teacher training retreat I can recommend wholeheartedly!

Fionnuala McKenna