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Basic Meditation Course

The Basic Course is the natural starting point if you’re new to meditation or are considering undertaking our Meditation Teacher Training course. The course is suitable for those with no prior meditation experience and aims to teach you how to meditate from the ground up — presenting a range of different techniques and, more importantly, a clear understanding of what meditation is and how it works.

What if I’m not a beginner?

The course is also suitable for those who wish to gain a clearer understanding of the mechanics and principles of meditation and those interested in learning forms of meditation that can be integrated into a working life.

If you’ve previously completed meditation retreats, but have found the techniques difficult to sustain in ‘real life’, or if you’ve had a long history of meditation practice in more formal settings and traditions, the Basic Course offers approaches to meditation that many find more suited to the demands of contemporary life.

The Basic Course is an essential prerequisite for anyone considering going on to do our Meditation Teacher Training Course.

What actually happens on course?

The course is a combination of theory, practice and discussion. In the first two weeks the emphasis is on helping you to get a clear idea of what meditation is and how it works, and on dispelling the common myths and misconceptions that make meditation seem difficult, if not impossible, for many people.

In subsequent weeks the emphasis shifts from theory to practice. You’ll be introduced to meditation in a graduated way, with relatively simple and short practices to start, leading on to longer and more challenging practices as we progress. The courses are designed to be interactive and inclusive. We welcome questions and discussion and recommend that you make use of the opportunity to engage with your teacher and make the most of his or her experience.

What styles of meditation are taught on course?

The course focuses on teaching you the fundamental skills of meditation, using forms of meditation that are simple to understand, enjoyable, pragmatic and results oriented. We teach a range of techniques, focusing on those that experience has shown to be most effective for the greatest variety of people. Our intention is to help you to discover the ways of meditating that suit your particular needs, temperament and lifestyle.

Meditations range in length from a few seconds to roughly half an hour, and we include all the most common techniques as well as a few of our own unique inventions. We’ll cover meditations on the breath and body, as well as sounds, movement, repeated phrases, and simple visualisations. We’ll also introduce effective strategies for working with thoughts, emotions and pain and explore a range of mindfulness techniques for everyday use.

We aren’t affiliated with any particular religious or spiritual tradition but draw on techniques and strategies from both traditional and contemporary sources, utilizing the tried and tested ‘standards’ as well as the latest insights from psychology and neuroscience.

What to bring
  • a water bottle
  • a pen and paper (if you’re the note taking type)
What to wear
  • Come as you are. No special clothing is required. All classes are conducted sitting on chairs, not cross-legged or lying on the floor.
Terms & Conditions
  • For all information on course transfers, cancellations and refunds read the fine print.

I have attended two of your 6 week meditation courses in the past two years and really enjoyed them. I work as a Kinesiologist and have recommended your courses many times to my clients because I feel that you offer techniques that would benefit anyone, can be used at anytime and which also have no religious affiliation.

Susanna V.

Thanks for all your wisdom and teachings. You’re great at making the theory and practice of meditation accessible to all – a pretty amazing skill.

Kate T.