Retreat Schedule

Friday November 1
7:00 Registration
8:45Welcoming Remarks & Meditation
Saturday to Monday
6:30Optional Meditation
7:30Morning Movement & Guided Meditation
9:30Talk / Meditation
10:40Morning Tea
11:00Meditation or Group Reporting
12:30Lunch and Free Time
2:00Deep Relaxation / Yoga Nidra Session
3:30Afternoon Tea
4:00Talk and Discussion / Meditation
5:15Meditation or Group Reporting
6:00Afternoon Walk / Free Time
8:15Meditation Session / Discussion / Evening Relaxation
Tuesday November 5
6:30Optional Meditation
7:30Morning Movement & Meditation
9:30Closing Circle & Meditation
10:40Morning Tea
11:00Final Clean Up
12:00Lunch, Clean Up and Departure