Learn how to get a good night’s sleep.

With Matt Young and Dr Hailey Meaklim.

“Sleep School” is in! Learn everything you need to know about the science and practice of falling and staying asleep.

Learn how to get a good night’s sleep at our special 2-hour “Sleep School”.

Are you tired of not sleeping well?

Learn how to get a good night’s sleep at our special “Sleep School”.

  • Do you struggle to fall or stay asleep at night?
  • Do you wake up feeling groggy and exhausted?
  • Do you think your mood and performance could be improved with better sleep?

If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people suffer from sleep problems, and they can have a major impact on your health, productivity, and overall well-being.

At Sleep School you’ll learn everything you need to know to improve your sleep. We’ll cover topics such as:

The art and science of good sleep.

Common sleep problems and their causes.

The most effective strategies to improve your sleep based on the latest sleep science.

Natural remedies for sleep problems.

We’ll also provide you with personalized tips and advice based on your individual needs.

Whether you’ve experienced insomnia for years or you just want to get a better night’s sleep, this workshop is for anyone who wants to improve their sleep.

There are few health issues that cause more stress and anxiety than sleep problems and few that are as innocuous and treatable.

Dr Chris D. Winter

Author, The Sleep Solution

What You Get

2.5-hr workshop.

7 downloadable guided sleep meditations.

Complimentary 30-minute 1:1 Session with Sleep Psychologist (Value: $120)*

100% satisfaction guarantee.

About Us

You’ll be in the expert hands of Hailey Meaklim, a sleep psychologist and researcher U.S. board-certified in behavioral sleep medicine and Matt Young, whose guided meditations help thousands of people fall asleep every night, including those who had previously been suffering from insomnia for years.

Workshop Info

There are no Sleep School sessions currently scheduled. However, for help with sleep you can book a 1-1 consultation or contact matt@melbournemeditationcentre.com.au for group bookings.

We’re so confident that you’ll benefit from this workshop that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the workshop for any reason, simply let us know and we’ll refund your money.

*Terms and Conditions: This free offer is for individuals who register and pay for the Sleep School Workshop ($197). The 30-minute sleep chat is of a general nature, and not a healthcare service.

About Hailey Meaklim

Hailey is a Melbourne-based sleep psychologist and researcher who deeply understands the toll that poor sleep can take on your quality of life. She is the only Australian psychologist to be U.S. Board-Certified in Behavioral Sleep Medicine and has devoted her career to helping people improve their sleep and well-being and be free from insomnia. Hailey has worked at leading sleep centres across Melbourne, including St Vincent’s Hospital Sleep Centre, Monash University Project REST, Melbourne Sleep Disorders Centre, and the Institute for Breathing and Sleep at Austin Health.

About Matt Young

Matt is the founder and director of the Melbourne Meditation Centre. He’s been teaching people to relax (and fall asleep) for almost 20 years and his guided meditations have been featured on numerous apps. Matt has been a board member of the Meditation Association of Australia and Headspace, the world’s most popular meditation app. Matt has a keen interest in helping people better manage sleep, anxiety and chronic pain.

Here’s what people say about Matt’s Meditations for Sleep

“I have a very hard time falling asleep at night but man this meditation knocks me out… I have never made it to the end because it works every time. I’ve tried everything before this; sleeping pills, sound machines, herbs, etc. but nothing has worked as well as this. I’m so grateful.”

— Jessie

“I loved it sooo much! I have a lot of anxiety at night and this has helped me!”

— Leila

“This is the only meditation thus far that works for my insomnia. I am someone who gets anxiety about sleep and then can’t fall asleep at night. I read a bunch of the reviews about how people fell asleep during this and I thought that will never happen to me. Guess what? I fell asleep during this meditation and I woke up shocked. This is a life savior!!!!! Will be using this many more times in the future.”

— Shelbie

“I did not think I would be able to fall asleep just by doing this meditation. However, I was so so so pleased to realize this morning, when I had woken up, that the meditation didn’t even end and I fell asleep during it!!! I would HIGHLY recommend trying this.”

— Rachael

“I don’t think I’ve ever made it more than ten minutes. This meditation has saved me many nights. I recommend this to everyone!”

— Andrea

“Perfect for waking up in the middle of the night with repeated, annoying thoughts. Calmed me down, relaxed me and led me to a beautiful, quiet sleep. Light and effective. Thank you.”

— Veronica

“I have severe insomnia due to fibromyalgia. This series is literally the only thing that has helped me fall asleep. It has been a Godsend. Thank you so much!!!”

— Shauna

“I used to have serious insomnia and it would take me 4 hours to get to sleep, I would just keep thinking and thinking and thinking then I found this meditation. I love it so much!! Thank you!!”

— Mila

“When I first heard this, I thought, no way is this gonna work. Boom, I was so wrong. Every night since listening to this man’s voice and whatever magic he has spun into his words makes a cocktail of real relaxation, worry free and deeply relaxing sleep.”

— Fauzia

“Only question is…. how does this work. I mean wow. I fell asleep in like 4 minutes.”

— Charity

“The positive comments are so true. Matt has a nurturing way of helping us to accept the turmoil in our minds that is preventing sleep. He helps us to accept the thoughts, fatigue and discomfort that are part of being awake in the middle of the night. He helps us to appreciate the loving comfort of the warm bed and the physical peace that comes with slowing our breath and relaxing our bodies. Thank you and may each of you enjoy a quiet rest after listening to this meditation.”

— Bonnie

“I literally use this to go to sleep every night and for almost every nap I take. I like that his voice is comfortable and not too serious, and that the pauses are actually natural and not too long. Still haven’t made it to the end, and I’ve heard it nearly 50 times!”

— Mary

“Love this meditation! I usually fall asleep with Netflix, radio, something. I’ve tried white noise but nothing helps me fall asleep, deeply asleep, like this does. Thank you for this series!”

— Dana

“I thought for sure I wouldn’t fall asleep listening to this as it was 8:30 pm at night and I don’t normally go to sleep until 9:30 or 10 but I’ll be damned if I heard the end of the session. Lol. Thanks for the great sleep. 👍🏻”

— Nancy

“I’m only twelve thx for this.
It helps me sleep!!!!!!”

— Issy

“It always takes me about 30 minutes to fall asleep every night. But now, thanks to this meditation, it takes me 5 minutes and I get the best sleep ever.”

— Lyla

“Love this. I didn’t believe in meditation before, but due to extreme difficulty in sleeping I just had to try it and I do not regret it. Listened to a few before stumbling upon this one and this is just the best yet. I now want to make this a part of my lifestyle. It didn’t only help me with sleep but also to relax and let go of negative thoughts. Thank you so much, Matt!”

— Danielle

“I’ve recently come off medication for sleep and it has become so hard to just fall asleep! This has been a life saver, so relaxing I’ve had four nights of good sleep so far 🙌🏻 x.”

— Kim

“I’ve tried so many different guided meditations for my insomnia/nighttime anxiety, but this is the ONLY one that’s really been able to help me accept and quiet my restless thoughts enough to rest. Love it!”

— Alana

“I’ve used this meditation every night for the past week & rarely make it to the end. I have even used it to put me back to sleep when I wake up in the middle of the night. Matt’s voice is beautiful, melodious & soothing. This night tune ritual has already become habit forming in a good way.”

— Lisa

“I use this meditation to fall asleep every night! I’ve never made it to the end.”

— Kristin

“I am so thankful for this meditation. I have such a hard time falling asleep and dread night time knowing I will be laying there in my own thoughts stressed that I can’t sleep. And yet I still haven’t heard the end of this meditation and I’ve listened to it every night for the passed month.”

— Emily

“Omg I fall asleep literally every time I listen to this.”

— Eliza

“What kind of witchcraft is this? I don’t remember the beginning or the end. All I remember is hitting play and then the next thing I know it was morning. I’ve never experienced this before. Fully recommend”

— Ayo