For residents of Oakleigh the nearest venues for our meditation and mindfulness courses are Glen Waverley, St Kilda and Camberwell.  We run mindfulness meditation classes for beginners on every day of the week, except Saturday, and our flexible schedule allows you to attend at whichever venue suits you best.

What You Learn

  • The fundamental skills of meditation and mindfulness, using forms of meditation that are simple to understand, enjoyable, pragmatic and results oriented.
  • What meditation is, how it works and how to do it, all explained clearly and comprehensively, in plain language.
  • Ways to meditate that suit your own particular needs, temperament and lifestyle.

What You Get

  • Practical skills for relaxing the body, calming the mind and managing a range of conditions from anxiety to insomnia.
  • Expert tuition from an expert coach.
  • Weekly emails summarising material covered in class.
  • Access to comprehensive course notes.
  • Access to guided meditation mp3s that you can download and / or listen to outside class.

Sleep Better

Get to sleep more quickly. Enjoy a good night’s rest. Stay relaxed when you wake up at 2am.

Reduce Stress

Stay calm at work, on the road, and even when the kids are driving you up the wall.

Think Clearly

Access a sense of calm, peace and balance, whenever you need to.

Regulate Heart Rate

Reduce your blood pressure and improve circulation.

Manage Pain

Relieve headaches, reduce muscular tension and learn to manage chronic pain.

Regulate Emotions

Reduce feelings of depression, anxiety, anger and confusion.