What else to do with thoughts

What else to do with thoughts

In  a previous article I introduced five ‘orientations’ for working with thoughts. In this article, I continue that project by offering another five ways to develop greater acceptance  — and understanding — of the thinking process. The purpose of these...

When I run a meditation class I usually ask participants what they hope to achieve, or learn, through meditation. Some will say that they want to learn to control their thoughts and emotions. I can understand this impulse. Indeed, many meditation traditions insist that this is just what we must do: because the mind is a wild and unruly beast, and it needs to be tamed.

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Thought Management Strategies

by Eric Harrison. How to manage troublesome thoughts. The success of any meditation usually depends on how well you handle the thoughts, sensations and feelings that are disturbing you. Trying to ignore or suppress them usually doesn’t work well for very long....