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Meditation should be simple and practical. Instructions should be clear. Practices should provide verifiable benefit. Not everyone will find meditation easy, but with the proper instruction, almost any difficulty can be overcome.

Matt Young

Matthew Young set up the Melbourne Meditation Centre in 2005, following a decade of meditation study, culminating with 4 months study with Eric Harrison at the Perth Meditation Centre (2004).

Since then Matthew has taught about 1000 students per year. In the process he has developed an understanding of the common pitfalls and difficulties beginners to meditation encounter. More importantly, he has learnt how to teach meditation in a practical, down-to-earth style, free of confusing jargon or dogma.

His main interest has been to make meditation accessible; to demystify the subject, to make it easy to learn and do, and to customize it to the needs of contemporary students.

Matthew, along with Subodh Joshi and Paul Majewski, helped establish Simply Silence and, with Garth Stone and Paul Majewski,  Meditation Events, responsible for events such as the Australian Meditation Conference, Music for Meditation and The Big Retreat. He is currently a board member at the Meditation Association of Australia.

Although he has explored a wide variety of meditation techniques and traditions Matthew doesn’t belong to any particular school and doesn’t think of anyone as his teacher or ‘guru’. Instead he’s been fortunate enough to meet a number of mavericks in the meditation field; mentors who helped him to avoid the many pitfalls and to find the sweet spots amongst all the mystery and misinformation.

Many people have influenced him in this way, and how he thinks, practices and teaches meditation owes much to them. Prominent, amongst them, have been Eric Harrison, Lorin Roche and Jason Siff. Matthew continues to study meditation and related fields in order to bring to his students the most useful techniques and strategies available.

Matthew usually teaches the Glen Waverley, Clifton Hill, CBD and Camberwell classes.

Established 2004
Sabina Vitacca
Beth Milner

Beth Milner

After a brief (and uncomfortable) introduction to meditation at University in the late 90s, Beth’s interest was rekindled after a psychologist friend recommended incorporating mindfulness exercises into her teaching at a North London primary school in 2010. Having seen first hand the positive effects meditation had on the behaviour and well-being of the students she embarked on a journey of study into the subject and developed a personal practice.

Beth is passionate about making meditation accessible to all by demystifying the subject and helping others develop simple techniques that may ease stress and lead to greater self-awareness and self-compassion.

Having enjoyed the simple, user-friendly approach of the Meditation & Mindfulness For Beginners Course, Beth completed her teacher training with Melbourne Meditation Centre and is currently teaching classes at our Geelong venue.

Nick Rowan

Nick became a mindfulness and meditation teacher as he wanted to help people experience life with a little more calm. He is passionate about making meditation accessible, easy and enjoyable.

Nick’s introduction to meditation came through experiencing a period of personal stress and anxiety. Through practicing meditation, Nick found that he dealt with stressful situations more effectively, could better manage troubling thoughts and achieved a better sense of balance in his life.

Observing how meditation had helped both himself and others set him on the path of becoming a meditation teacher.

Nick’s experience ranges from running meditation courses and workshops at large corporates through to delivering one-on-one consultations. He completed his Teacher Training at the Melbourne Meditation Centre and is currently teaching at our St Kilda venue.

Sabina Vitacca
Sabina Vitacca

Melissa Hudson

Melissa sees meditation as a great way to manage the mental and emotional demands of daily life. Her own meditation practice has become an indispensable tool to manage overwhelm, develop kindness and increase self-awareness.

As a yoga teacher Melissa was introduced to the world of meditation via the mat. Incorporating simple meditation techniques into her classes quickly became a highlight for both her students and herself and she continued to further her studies in mindfulness and meditation. Having had the opportunity to learn a number of traditional techniques she was drawn to the secular, no-fuss approach of the Melbourne Meditation Centre, where she completed her teacher training in 2017.

A mother of three, she has a particular interest in supporting parents through yoga and meditation and runs workshops as part of her business, Big Love Yoga. Melissa is currently teaching at our Newport venue.

Debbie Ling

Debbie Ling

Debbie is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker with a bulk billing private practice. She completed her Meditation Teacher Training in 2004 and has been teaching at Melbourne Meditation Centre since 2005.

Debbie has over 20 years counselling experience and has spent the last ten years focusing on meditation and mindfulness-based approaches. Debbie has worked as a mental health clinician at The Melbourne Clinic where she facilitated groups on mindfulness and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy. Debbie is also interested in the intersection between contemplative practice and Western psychology and has undertaken study in this area since 2009.

In 2016, Debbie commenced a PhD at Monash University researching the area of compassion.

Debbie is available for one-on-one consultations.

Sabina Vitacca

Sabina’s professional experience working in the mental health field allowed her to repeatedly observe the relationship between health problems and stress. This motivated her to integrate meditation and awareness techniques into her professional and personal life.

Sabina completed her meditation teacher training certificate with the Melbourne Meditation Centre in 2008, has run courses in London, and currently teaches at the Melbourne Meditation Centre’s Yarraville and St Kilda venues.

Sabina Vitacca

Peter Elliott

Peter’s interest in meditation began in the late ’90s. A few years later, whilst living in Sweden, an opportunity to attend a meditation retreat held by a well known international teacher came up in London. The experience had a big impact, and Peter found himself inspired to study and practice meditation further. Peter went on to attend numerous meditation conferences and retreats and eventually began teaching.

Over the years that he’s been practising meditation, Peter has found that the benefits have grown more measurable, reliable and consistent. Even so, Peter has continued to develop and learn new skills, methods and approaches to meditation.

In 2013 he completed Meditation Teacher Training with the Melbourne Meditation Centre and joined Meditation Australia, The Association of Meditation Teachers. He also runs his own classes through Always Meditation.

Peter occasionally teaches our classes in  St Kilda.

Debbie Ling