It’s not uncommon for people to take up meditation as a means of checking-out. Meditation sounds to them like it might be a good cheap way to escape from the stresses and hassles of the 9 – 5 grind. Like going on a Friday night bender but waking up without the headache. Or flying off for a couple of weeks in Thailand without the debt. You can use meditation for such purposes. But you get much better results when you use meditation to check-in instead.

To check-in means to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. When you check-in you don’t try to escape, or even change anything. You do it systematically, and matter-of-factly, like a pilot doing a pre-flight check, or an orchestra tuning up.

Metaphors are a useful tool when checking-in. For example, you could get a sense of the mental traffic, or the emotional weather. Are there monkeys leaping around inside your brain, or dark clouds gathering on the horizon? Are you in a blue mood, or does your body feel bubbly and light?

Check out the three PDF’s below for further ideas on how to Check Yo Self (Before You Wreck Yo Self).

Checking in with the BODY

Checking in with your MIND

Checking in with your MOOD