Meditation Teacher Training

Pre-course Preparations

If you’re planning on doing one of our Teacher Training programs you may like to get started on some of the tasks required for accreditation.

Beginning work on these tasks now will allow you to graduate from the course much sooner — and even if you never go on to complete Teacher Training with us, you’ll be sure to learn quite a lot just from the exercises themselves.

There are two areas to explore: reading, and journaling.


As part of the Teacher Training course you will be required to read at least one book by each of the following authors:  Eric Harrison, Lorin Roche and Jason Siff.

You will also be required to submit a short reflection (about one or two pages) describing:


  1. What you took away from the book
  2. How it influenced your own practice
  3. How it might influence the way you might teach.


To graduate from the Teacher Training course you will also be required to keep a meditation journal.

For Level 1 Accreditation you must present at least 30 journal entries.

For Level 2 Accreditation* you must present at least 60 journal entries.

Ideally, most (at least half) of the meditations you do during this period should be self-guided.

Instructions for Journaling

You can submit your journal in any format you like. It could be:

  • An actual journal.
  • A digital version. For example, the Insight Timer App allows you to keep a journal which you can export and email.
  • A photograph of selected pages from your journal.
  • A video flipping through the pages of your journal.

* Level 2 Accreditation allows you to become a member of Meditation Australia.


Accreditation Levels Explained

Level 1 Accreditation

By successfully completing our Meditation Teacher Training Course (in conjunction with our Meditation & Mindfulness for Beginners Course), or our Teacher Training Retreat, you graduate with Level 1 Accreditation and receive a Certificate of Completion.

Minimum hours: 60
Minimum contact hours: 25

Level 1 Accreditation satisfies the requirements of Insurance Providers but NOT the minimum requirements for membership with Meditation Australia.


Level 2 Accreditation

Level 2 Accreditation requires completion of an additional 20 hours of training. None of these additional hours need to be contact hours, but we recommend that you aim to complete an additional 10 to 15 contact hours where possible.

Minimum hours: 80
Minimum contact hours: 25
Suggested contact hours: 30

When completed, you can then apply for a Provisional Membership with Meditation Australia.

Note that you must have been a Provisional Member with Meditation Australia for two years before you can apply for Full Membership.

This book (The 5-Minute Meditator) was an eye-opener for me, as I imagine it would be for many people used to ‘traditional’ styles of meditation. It was a relief – and revelation – to learn that I could meditate in just seconds.

I struggle to make time for long regular meditation sessions at home, but learning about spot meditations and ‘doing what you are doing’ helped me immensely to implement meditation throughout my day.

Stefanie S.

OMG. This was seriously the greatest book I’ve read on meditation so far, and should be part of the core curriculum. Bill Morgans explanation of the ‘holding environment’ and his methods for creating one seriously blew my mind.

The way that he explains the purpose and importance of the holding environment, the core attributes of relaxation, playfulness, gratitude and warmth (and the exercises to attain those attributes) seriously opened my eyes.

Troy H.