The first few seconds of any meditation, however short, should involve fine-tuning your posture and breathing. It’s an essential preliminary. This spot-meditation works with just this. At any time during the day, just notice how you are sitting and breathing. The awareness alone can have magical effects. Within seconds, you should feel the breath softening and muscles releasing.


  1. You may be in an office chair or couch or on a bus.
    Stop whatever you are doing, and attend to your body.
  2. Without changing posture, notice how you are sitting.
    Ask: “Am I more tense than I need to be?”
    You may feel it in the face or shoulders or toes.
    Also notice how you are breathing.
  3. Now adjust your posture. Do it slowly and deliberately.
    Listen to what your body wants.
    Make finer and finer adjustments.
    Go for a sense of balance and openness and comfort.
  4. When you feel ‘in your body’, go to your breathing.
    Take three or four deep breaths and sigh.
    Now let the breath find its own rhythm – open, spacious and natural.
  5. Watch the process of the body returning to balance.
    Notice the little tensions surface and fade.
    Finally, resume what you were doing, staying aware of your body and breathing.