Is your happy place really a happy place?

Is your happy place really a happy place?

In my role as a meditation teacher, I’m privy to many assumptions about the practice. Such assumptions are most frequently expressed when I’m invited into a workplace, where, not surprisingly, I’m bound to share the room with a number of skeptics. Typically, such...

When I run a meditation class I usually ask participants what they hope to achieve, or learn, through meditation. Some will say that they want to learn to control their thoughts and emotions. I can understand this impulse. Indeed, many meditation traditions insist that this is just what we must do: because the mind is a wild and unruly beast, and it needs to be tamed.

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Managing Emotions with Meditation

Much of the stress we experience is amplified by our painful emotions – by the feelings we’d rather not experience. These unpleasant emotions can be difficult to face, so it’s not surprising that we try to avoid them. Many of our compulsions and...