When it comes to meditation, I don’t like to overstate the benefits, and I don’t like to offer false hope about what’s achievable.

However, I do like catchy headlines. That’s why I’ve titled this post (and the associated guided meditation), Guaranteed Calm, rather than The Slight Possibility of Calm, which whilst more realistic, doesn’t have quite the same ring.

The truth is, calm can’t be guaranteed. There are too many factors at play.

However, a sense of calm is certainly something that can be reliably cultivated — and Guaranteed Calm (the guided meditation below) gives you a number of options for heading in that direction. It works well because it’s actually a series of six short (spot) meditations. Sequencing meditations together in this way is helpful when starting out, as it presents you with multiple ways to relax, and keeps the mind engaged.

Each of the six mini-meditations in Guaranteed Calm could be completed in 30 to 90 seconds. Alternatively, you could do them in a leisurely fashion, spending five minutes or more on any given technique.

When completed back-to-back (in any order) they also provide a useful template for a longer (10 to 30 minute) meditation.

It might sound like you’ll be kept busy (doing six techniques in one session) but our minds enjoy variety, and paradoxically, this variety makes it easier to remain focused. This, in turn, allows the mind to settle, and helps the body to relax — in other words, it’s a good way to guarantee calm.

Once you’ve tried it out, please leave a comment below. Let me know what technique worked best for you.