We’re all troubled by our thoughts, moods and emotions from time to time, and we may feel powerless to prevent them from taking us into stressful territory. Indeed, sometimes trying to avoid stress actually exacerbates it. And if we make a habit of suppressing our discomforting thoughts and feelings we can fall into the trap of ‘spiritual bypassing’.

This meditation invites you to take a close look at what’s going on within. It’s a bit like the pre-flight routine a pilot goes through before takeoff, or the maintenance check you might perform on a vehicle following a long journey. Sometimes, just knowing how you feel helps to induce a sense of balance.


  1. Tune into the body, noticing whether you are tense or relaxed, warm or cool, energised or fatigued.
  2. Check the mental traffic, noticing whether your mind is busy or quiet, sharp or scattered, dull or wired.
  3. Assess the emotional weather, noticing whether it’s calm or stormy, welcomed or resisted, vague or obvious.

For more detailed guides through body, mind and mood check out the Checking-In PDF’s.


I have just started the online mediation course and I love the “simple definition” of meditation! It is encouraging to be reminded of the basics in plain English.

The lessons so far have really helped me re-focus my meditation practice in a very practical no-mess and no-fuss way. I am keen to continue exploring meditation through the online course and to learn various techniques to calm my mind and relax my body. Thanks for developing this well-structured, flexible and practical course.

Vicky F.