This meditation aims at high-quality focus for a short time. Just twenty to sixty seconds is enough.
The version below uses a visual focus, but you can choose any sense at all.


  1. Take a deep breath or two, and let your body relax.
  2. Now focus on anything in your field of vision; the letter ‘T’ on the title of a book, the edge of a leaf, the pattern on a plate. Increase the magnification. Go right into the detail and enjoy it.
  3. ‘Name’ it silently as you breathe out: ‘T’ or ‘leaf’ or ‘pattern’. Play with it in your imagination if you wish. What does it remind you of?
  4. Feel your body and mind relaxing into the activity.

I have just started the online mediation course and I love the “simple definition” of meditation! It is encouraging to be reminded of the basics in plain English.

The lessons so far have really helped me re-focus my meditation practice in a very practical no-mess and no-fuss way. I am keen to continue exploring meditation through the online course and to learn various techniques to calm my mind and relax my body. Thanks for developing this well-structured, flexible and practical course.

Vicky F.